I love documenting things around me and the emotions I feel. Something as simple as one of my nieces and nephews coming into my room and asking: "Auntie Maitha, can we have some chocolate?" sends a tremendous wave to my brain and heart. The chaos they create and laughter in a room is very inspiring. The importance of play , curiosity and forgiveness is alive…. My most favorite of these moments was when my twin nieces, Maitha and Alia, came into my workspace to ask for some crayons. I went to open the glass door and to my surprise, I saw a beautiful portrait in front of me. With my mobile in my hand I took the picture straight away…


From that day onwards, I began to look at the glass door differently and it became an inspiration for many other works..

Winter breeze Jan 2009
My love is like a red red rose Jan 2009


  1. your winter breeze pic is yummy

  2. a very good alternative to Flikr...do keep writing...it's always wonderful to look back on...