Drawing blind contour self-portraits for 30mins today...

Drawing myself without looking at the paper was hilarious. I love how the drawings kind of look like me,but not really.
I spent about 1 and a half mins on each one.
Next time, I would spend more time and work slower.


  1. Great effort!

  2. Maitha, I LOVE contour drawings and do them all the time, especially when I can't think of anything to draw! I really like your site.

    I just discovered the two overlapping boxes beside "Followers", which allowed me to see where your site was. I would have come to see you sooner if I had known that was there!

  3. Don't these portraits evoke a lot of mood...By keeping our eye on the object and not on the paper, what does it teach us...just focuses us on contours/lines? develops eye-hand coordination? allows us to see and reproduce our feelings? i wonder...

  4. wonderful attempts Maitha...salute :))
    yes...the eyes...you have your eyes in each of your drawings...amazing :))

    love it :)


  5. I hadn't thought of doing contour drawing self portraits - what a good idea! I'll have to try that. These are both interesting and really good! nancy

  6. Wow, this is very impressive, really good work.