In my first Sculpture class, we were asked to create a sculpture using paper and tape based on a 1-min gestural drawing of a model. I've tried to use the movement and form in the drawing onto the sculpture. At first my scupture looked quite realistic but then like the drawing itself it was more a representation of the overall form. Creating the sculpture was quick just like the gestural drawing - capturing the feeling of the subject and it's general form instead of focusing on detail. I have exaggerated the lines in the sculpture and ended up with a dancing-like figure. I'm pleased with it and it was also fun to create! :)


  1. I just love the grace and elegance found in the movement of the dress and the arms and of course the bend in the torso as the figure sweeps around..a wonderful exercise and an evocative capture or should I say release...

  2. it is indeed lovely...tapes...you're kiddin' me...it is really nice.