I've been not feeling well for a few days now. Staying in bed and slowing my pace this summer is such a bad idea. I can't believe I haven't packed any brushes, paints, my sketchbook and art materials. I thought it would be better to travel fresh and would buy things as I need them. Well I did, I got some paintbrushes, a pen, pencil and watercolors from Geneve. I feel something is still missing – and I feel a little lost but I am not sure what it is exactly… I also feel a little bit strange and I'm sure it's not because I don't have my blackberry. Or is it? I'm surviving anyway…

 Watching 'Work of art : The next great artist' has indeed been inspiring to me. I imagine myself as an artist among the rest and question to what my response would be to each challenge or project. Would I work well under pressure? The feedback and advice given to the artists is helpful to the viewers. I am beginning to see why an art piece would work better than the other and what makes it stand out. In my head I go back to my own work and compare the quality and communication of a message to my own. I'm so pleased that such a reality show is being shown. I wait eagerly for the next episode.. everyone should watch it !!

I wonder if we could have a course at university that is based on this show. What if we get a project each week and a limited amount of time to create (just like our art exams at school – 10hours only). It would really show us what our strengths are, and we will grow as artists and build confidence. To have judges at the end of each project and a mini show? The possibilities are endless… and it would be FUN! And challenging.. I WISH.. ZAYED UNIVERSITY! C'mon!!! :p

Found this in switzerland...beautiful, right? :)

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  1. Sometimes it's really hard to wind down from a hectic schedule and pace...one wants and needs a holiday but letting go can seem unsettling especially when there are so many things that one wants to experiment with...To Julia Cameron for me...I love her suggestions on writing to clear the head, reflect and help refocus...I know you do this very well too...and that you will keep writing :) :) Thanks for sharing the art reality show...I must see it and Yep a beautiful logo!