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To every1 who tagged me, 14 things about myself:

1- some people call me maitha others call me taina...some call me tais...and tai...

2 - its a name my brother made up..we used to love to play stage acting, reocrd silly voices, build houses in trees. No1 to do it with now. He's grown up.

3 - I don't think I will ever grow up. I feel I'm still childlike - I love playing, creating, colouring in, eating sweets, imagining places and stories in my mind, eating water melons..

4 - that's why my fish died one day. It jumped out of the fish bowl. It thought anything was possible too.. Like me.

5 - and by anything I mean like going to the moon you see.. That's why I bought a telescope. It will take me closer.

6 - I was once a mad scientist, an architect, interior designer, actress, director, poet, film maker, animator, choreographer, costume designer, writer, gardener, teacher, illustrator ..but I chose to be an artist. Simply bcuz It combines all of the above.

7. I'm not a starving artist.

8. I don't have a favourite artist. I only knew Michaelangelo existed a while ago. I never knew Picasso died - n I still have no idea...about artists.

9. I don't owe the great artists, anything for becoming an artist. My teachers were my parents.

8. I own lots of books - they make me so happy. Bring me a book any day - I love them more than diamonds + chocolate.

9. I carry a paintbrush in my handbag for some reason I am still unsure of...

10. Reason? I'm a dreamer, and dreams never begin with reason.

11. I'm sometimes a trouble maker. Misktakes are vital - I'm also a risk taker.

12. I'm an owl. I stay up at night. Sometimes doing nothing. There's something special about the silence.

13. I talk little. I write more..

14. I can continue writing..but I'll stop. I've still got a lot to learn about myself. That was only the beginning.

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