The formal elements, tone, line, colour, shape texture, pattern and form all have an effect on the art and can be used in different ways in order for the artist to send a message. I’ve decided to focus on colour and study it in more depth. Some artists use colour in a subjective way to express something they are trying to convey for example; an artist may paint his/her sky red to express something about themselves, the sky, or the meaning of the painting. Warm colours may symbolize anger, heat or fear. Cold colours may show calmness and perhaps memories or death. Colours can also be used to create harmonies and affect each other greatly.

Below are 6 single pages from my journal.

I’ve gone here to the basics of colour. Primary, secondary, tertiary and neutral. I’ve looked at the temperature of colour and how each effects the other in order to understand how to express what I want through colour.

Colour permeates every part of our lives I believe. We use it to express our emotions, to decorate our homes and ourselves, from the palest of tints to the brightest of hues. They change when placed in proximity to each other and the variety of effects we can achieve is infinite. Colour plays a major role, emphasizing and balancing within the picture to convey warmth, coolness and mood.

In this page I am looking at the different emotions. In the inside, we can see the primary emotions (ie. Basic emotions such an anger, sadness and fear). However, they can combine to create other emotions (outside of the wheel) such as disappointment , are a product of two or more primary emotions (such as surprise and sadness).

I studied how each colour represents and emotions and the meaning of each colour and it’s association with things such as nature, fantasy etc.

With the knowledge I gained I painted the emotion anger as shown above, in the last two pages. (Also inspired by Francis Bacon's painting of the screaming pope)

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  1. These journal pages are amazing. Great idea to use your journal to study color and all it's nuances.