Unleash 2009

Above is an oil painting I've done in journal #0012 for the unleash project.
Description of Unleash (from their FaceBook link) :-

“Unleash” is a movement created by five Zayed University students majoring in Communication and Media Sciences.

The movement, which is a final graduation project, is part of a solution perceived to answer the problem observed amongst the youth in the UAE. This group of young people lacks inspiration and motivation to be creative, following instead popular career streams purely for monetary value, without the inner drive that enables them to fulfill their true potential.

What “Unleash” aims to do, however, is enhance the appreciation of creativity within the UAE society, foster the hidden talents of UAE residents and nationals, and promote the unfiltered image of the UAE. This will be done through creating and distributing a series of journals that will be the core of the movement.

1000 journals will be distributed around schools, universities, and other venues. These journals are meant to capture the spirit of the UAE, and document the people who live here in a new and creative way. The people will be instructed to express themselves through any means of art. Whether it is writing a poem, sketching a drawing, creating a painting, or sticking a photo, each person is able to express him or herself using one page of the journal. As soon as they are done, they should pass this journal to someone else. Eventually, when the journal is filled out, it will be returned to us.

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  1. 2 beautiful oil paintings...the one with Maryam is gorgeous and in this one, just as gorgeous, the flesh tones start to breathe...I love your treatment of cloth in your pen and pencil sketches and am starting to see how they come alive in oil too...keep painting x