Imagination is Everything

These are some doodles that I have been drawing in my sketchbook. It’s nice to draw when you’re not really thinking – I can almost feel the ink flowing from my hand into the pen and then onto the paper. This is exactly what I draw when I’m in class, my class books are full of these faces and random shapes that never appear in my ‘serious drawings’. They appear from my imagination and perhaps past experiences – these are the shapes that make me relax and dream, I can go on forever doing this and never get bored. I’m thinking of collecting these drawings and do something with them, maybe print them on T-shits or screen print them, or even create masks! (something I need to work on) ;)


  1. They look fabulous Maitha...pen and inks are a major facination for me...love your results...if were'nt thinking, you came up with these...what will you do when you 'think' and create...perhaps 'majik' :))

  2. Nivi... ur amazing.. *hugs*

  3. Love these! And can see them breathing life in an animated cartoon or in the theatre...lively characters they are full of expression...Keep doodling! X