Fresh Project, Fresh book...

I'm currently illustrating my second book, it's a children's book about the life of the prophet Muhammed *pbuh. I have only just started and made thumnail sketches for the 30 chapters I need to complete. I'm using Acrylics this time and sticking to it. I feel that too much planning drains my imagination - the simpler the plan the more I enjoy the process.... it becomes more of an adventure to me.. and I've got more space to play around! ( it's especially hard with such a topic - again! ) Illustrating for children is new to me and I'm learning about it as I go... Let's see what this journey brings... :)


  1. Mashala 3alech .. I <3 ur art work
    its so.. Full of life

  2. ...and fresh ideas...I look forward to buying the book... X