Storyboard & Sample

This is my storyboard for book number one - "Desert Wolf and the Black Pearl". I have been experimenting with ink as shown in the camel painting below. I'm loving the effect it gives and I think I would go ahead with it for the final paintings. This storyboard shows the pages where illustrations would be, it lets me see the illustrations as if they were one painting. (like a zoom out of the whole book). I do need lots of refrence pics of deserts, tents and arab clothes and houses. (If anyone knows of a good source, please let me know).

For now, I have to put this book aside and work on "The Prophet Mohammed" - a second book I need to illustrate because it's deadline is near. At the moment I have completed only 2 illustrations and to complete only half the book I've got 13 left to go. Would I be able to at least draw all of them out before I return to Dubai in a few days!!! The countdown begins....
(I need to stop counting and get on with it!!!!!!!!) :P


  1. Pen and ink...the devine medium...oh, how I love it. Your illustration looks promising and I'm sure the book will be so too :))
    Look forward to it :))

    Don't forget to save me a copy...will buy a signed one :))

    PS: I'm looking to collaborate with an Emirati young writter who writes fables specific to this land (for children)...I'm interested in doing etched illustrations for the book. Should you come across anyone do let me know :))

  2. Yes of course Nivi! I will let you know if i come across anyone who'd be interested... It's a great idea, I can imagine your etchings would work beautifully...

    Thank you! I will save you a copy ;)

  3. Love these ink washes...simple lines and flowing illustrations...don't plan...just doodle...and u will be in your element X