Interviews? Eughhh!

Today was my last exam. My heart feels lighter and my face glows. It's been a good year – lots done, and lots has happened and most important of all I feel I have grown.

We've had an online interview today with the 'Canadian art' magazine. It's been a great experience for me and I have learnt a lot in a short period of time. From the questions that I've been asked I've realised that all my art is mostly about woman. Does that reflect how much time I spend with woman, and how much little encounter I have with men. I remember my vain trials, trying to sketch or paint a man and 'failing' – the men I sketch always look like woman. Does that happen because I sketch females all the time, or because I haven't spent enough time studying the male structure? What surprises me even more is that I am always attracted to feminist art such as the art of Shirin Nishat. I have nothing against men but I've never really spent enough time with them – other than family members, whom even if I draw would look like me anyway!

How important it is to be able to speak about your art. I've figured out that its like a conversation – the more you talk about it, the more it makes sense and the more it talks back to you, gives you something to think about and feed into your work. I find it amazing when I tape my own work onto the wall and leave it there. When I least expect it, it speaks to me, and I speak back to it. Day by day the conversation builds and one thing leads to another. However, when it comes to interviews I shy away. I've receieved three requests to be interviewed this week – as always I have hesitated (because I blush so easily, and because I know I'm not a good speaker). I can express myself easily through writing, so why can't I just write? That's what I did. They have emailed me the questions and I have answered them. Having done that, I am not giving up on being a better speaker. I will improve and practise when I can… (I hope the blushing goes away too :P )

Here is a picture of Janet Bellotto holding her laptop, and showing the magazine guys the art department at Zayed University. :)

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  1. It sure is great that you are being encouraged to speak...the conversations are invaluable. Keep reflecting and consolidating your thoughts my dear...it's a journey inward as much as it is outward...