Made in Tashkeel 2010

Why is it that when I have so much work to do (painting, drawing, art assignments) I cannot wait until I finish them. But the moment I am done, I cannot wait to start again….

I am flicking through my sketchbooks, my art books, my paints and brushes and my hands itch me. I feel a re-birth of inspiration – is it because I feel more free? Or because I can have a fresh start…or is it because I can focus on one thing at a time…

University work gets very hard when I am supposed to focus on a lot of projects at once.  I wish I can do one project for all my classes – and do it really well.  A thorough research and enough time to implement it. I don’t understand how I must focus on everything at once (and it is not just a time matter). Do artists usually work like that? How can an unfocused mind produce good work.  Is doing a lot of things at once making me better – or is it confusing me and making me more frustrated..(I hate it when thought such us “I can’t wait ‘till I finish this”… “Oh boy, I need to go back to painting”..I don’t like it at all when what I’m doing feels like a chore. It’s very saddening..

I wish I could feel this inspiration that I feel now when I work on many things at once. Is there a way to control it, and sprinkle it on all my projects? *sigh*..

There are many things that I want to improve in and there is never enough time – I can only work in steps and little by little continuously. The pressure is gone, summer is here and I am very excited and feel like a balloon filled with helium.

Today was the ‘Made in Tashkeel’ exhibition opening. I have submitted acrylic tanks with engraving that I’ve designed. For the first time I exhibit something that is three-dimensional and I am super pleased with how they’ve turned out.  I’ve given it the title “chimes” because to me it looks like a sound.  I love Tashkeel a lot and I am proud to be part of it, a second home for sure.

Here are some pictures : - 

My Work ; Chimes

Some works from the exhibition : 



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  1. You raise an important question...can we work effectively with divided attention...and the answer perhaps is unique to each individual...the first step is awareness of the different processes in which we work and the next is possibly acceptance of the ones that do or do not seem to work; I guess the next step might be application...how to apply and enact what we have discovered...sometimes difficult when a structure has been created for us...but I guess if it is important enough there are ways in which the matter could possibly be negotiated...the key might be communication...

    Great show btw...so many well done pieces of art...loved the multi-faceted perspectives of Chimes and the concept of course...I wish I could see more patterned light dancing around the shadows cast...